Howard Fire Company Fall Punkin’ Chunkin’


Website: Howard Fire Company Fall Punkin’ Chunkin’
Address: Bald Eagle State Park, 149 Main Park Rd, Howard, PA 16841
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For some, the allure of fall is the oncoming cold weather that makes you reach for the nearest hot drink and relax by a lake in all it’s fall splendor.  For others, it is hurling massive pumpkins via trebuchet at floating barges.  The Howard Fire Company Fall Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival asks why not do both? On the one side this festival is like many others, with a wide selection of delicious foods, fun activities, homemade crafts there is a little bit of something for everyone.  On the other hand, medieval weaponry fires ballistic pumpkins hundreds of yards into a lake.  Either way, the Punkin’ Chunkin’ Fesitval is a surefire hit!


At the Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival it should be obvious what the big draw is.  For those who may not be familiar with the process of Punkin Chunkin’, it is a sight to behold.  Large chunkin’ trebuchets are designed and brought in specifically to hurl pumpkins with great force and greater accuracy.  In the reservoir targets rafts float unsuspectingly.  Those teams who excel in the best feats of endurance and power take home the prize.  Oh, and all those unfortunate pumpkins being hurled – pie contest anyone?

Despite being the namesake of the festival, punkin’ chunkin’ isn’t the only thing to do at the Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival.  There are plenty of exhibitions like chain saw carving, a working black smith, and fire fighting demonstrations.  There are also activities with park naturalists as well as hayrides, square dancing, and a boat parade.  Also at the festival are over fifty craft and food vendors selling a wide variety of homemade treats and unique gifts.  For entertainment, live bands play through the afternoon.

Admission and Parking is free.

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