Groundhog Day at Gobbler’s Knob

01/31/2020 to 02/02/2020

Website: Groundhog Day at Gobbler’s Knob
Address: Downtown Punxsutawney, PA 15767

The first official trek to Gobbler’s Knob to celebrate Groundhog day was in 1887, although Punxsutawny has celebrated groundhog day since the early 180’s.  Legend has it that if Phil (the groundhog) sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.  The tradition has followed to find out the prediction, every February 2nd.

The Groundhog day has become a very popular festival in recent years and there is quite a bit of information surrounding the event.

The Official Punxsutawny website.  The Official Pennsylvania State – Groundhog Day page.

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  1. larry gene boyles said:

    My Wife and i attended “Groundhog Day” for many years. We first started driving up and staying the night before and then started getting up and driving up on February 2nd (it is about 100 miles from our home in New Castle, Pa)
    We have been up there when the actual temperature was -16 degrees (we were younger and had snowmobile suits on) We both loved it and i made sure to have a day off – even a vacation day.
    We would drive up to the “Knob” and wait in our heated car until just before Phil would be pulled out of the stump, and then we would walk over and enjoy the program and then get back into our car and keep warm during the traffic jam back to town. Really great and no problems. We have of course heard all the news reports of excessive drinking and nudity, but we can honestly say we saw very litte drinking and the closest we saw to nudity were a couple of young ladies on their boyfriend’s shoulders with just a swim suit top on. (i mean above the belt – they were full dressed below the belt)
    Like all good things, someone had to ruin it. They dicided that we could no longer drive up to the knob and we would have to wait in line in town to board a bus that would transport us to the knob and then wait at the knob for a bus to transport us back to town. Not nearly as nice as our car!!! By that time, we were getting older and my Wife could not stand in the cold waitng for a bus and the job time johns were limited at the knob and also downtown.
    So it ruined it for us. So we can’t go anymore. We watch it on the news and see there are still a lot of people up there, and we are glad for them. All good thnings must come to an end sometime. As an added note: We used to really enjoy the “Brunch” at the Hotel up there and then one year someone decided to move it to the top floor. We were there that year and it was a disaster. The food when it was downstairs was fresh and hot. Upstairs, it was cold and hard to come by. I think perhaps the Hotel has been torn down by now. Sorry to see good things end, but at our age, we have seen a lot of nice things pass on.

    8 January, 2018

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