The Spring Gulch Folk Festival

05/14/2020 to 05/17/2020

Website: The Spring Gulch Folk Festival
Address: Spring Gulch RV Resort & Campground 475 Lynch Rd New Holland, PA 17557

The Spring Gulch Folk Festival is a bit of an enigma. For starters, it has a perfect venue at he nationally acclaimed Spring Gulch Resort. The festival has been playing annually since 1986. And over three full days, a dozen and a half high-quality acts take to the main stage for a continuous mix of acoustic jamming and swooning like only a singer-songwriter can. But the amount of acts that perform aren’t as immense, and the crowds aren’t as overly populated as would be expected. This seems to truly be a decades old hidden gem of a music festival. Frankly the scope of the festival dovetails perfectly with its style. This is not a wall-to-wall concert or a muddy mosh pit. This is a festival perfect for spreading out a blanket and opening up some lawn chairs. And there is certainly room for it.

The Spring Gulch Folk Festival also happens to be the kind of festivals where you want to be there for all of it. This is the kind of festival where after the music stops, it keeps going. So when the bands aren’t blaring music from the grandstand, it’s wafting from impromptu jam sessions and organized workshops. It’s happening at very inclusive campfire sing-along. Good then for visitor that this folk festival just so happens to be at what is considered one of the best resort campgrounds in the whole nation. The small handful of vendors and food concessions become like trading posts for weekend-log festival goers. You can go for just a day, but you’ll want to stay for three.

Admission costs vary greatly and parking is on-site

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