The Butler Brewfest

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Editors Note:  It looks like (for 2013) the Brewfest has been cancelled.  Check back next year!

The Butler Brewfest is new as of 2010 and in its short but illustrious tenure it has racked up an impressive level of notoriety and jollity.  That suds are poured from an increasingly vast collection of guests breweries makes the sampling both extensive and varied – both of which are good to have.  And the atmosphere is real and genuine which is indicative of the good-timing, hard-working folks of  the region.  Stuffed full with music, fresh food, contest, and of course glorious suds, this brewfest is a naturally good time.

It should be noted that in very short time the Butler Brewfest has jumped in terms of both attendance and participation.  Tickets are in hot demand as nearly two dozen local and regional brewers from across the Mid-Atlantic represent their brews. In addition to that, mark the dozens of home brewers and the sampling is immense and wide spanning.  Local breweries do not play host, but the brew community is a tightly knit one and they certainly do much to help spearhead the events.  Their beer also happens to be mighty delicious. Scratch that, all the beer at this brewfest is mighty delicious.  In fact it is that simple truism which makes Butler Brewfest so great.  No poor quality yellow beer here; only the finest ales, lagers and stouts.

Naturally, the draw of any brewfest is the beer, but at Butler Brewfest there is something more special going on than suds.  Amidst the music, the home-brewing competitions, and the corporate knick-knacks grows a hearty sense of kinship.  Like a tavern of yore, it’s over the cold beer, hot food, and great music those goods times often missing in day-to-day life.  The notion is a simple one, and it may seem brash to put it out there, but the Butler Brewfest has done great in the way of bringing closer together the community it serves, simply by serving great beer.

Admission to visitors over 21 only.  Cost is moderate and parking is free.  The event is hosted at the Days Inn and rooms are available and recommended.

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