Over the last decade the PA Wilds have become a hotbed for regional wine.  There is no better place to experience the splendor of these very PA-inspired wines than at…

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Awesome Little Quadcopter!

This is off-topic, but we just got one of these at the office and it is just really fun. In fact, we just ordered 3 more! There are many types and colors. The only thing I recommend is that you buy one with propeller guards, for safety AND it helps when you hit a wall (you will!) Oh yeah - it is less than $25!

03/20/2015 to 03/22/2015

It seems that given the rugged and nature-oriented way of Central Pennsylvanians that the region would host its own sportsman show and that it would be fantastic.  In truth, it…

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This family-friendly summer festival will fill Market and Third Streets with craft vendors, farm markets, food vendors and plenty of activities for kids. Local businesses, civic/non-profit organizations, schools and church…

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New as of 2011, the Clearfield Fall Festival is in its genesis.   This festival is developed and sponsored by the Clearfield Revitalization Corporation as an attempt to strengthen and grow…

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