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April 26th, 2025 to April 27th, 2025
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Schuylkill County Fairgrounds
83 Community Center Drive Kempton, PA, 19529
( Kempton | Berks County )

The Details:

Going back almost 20 years, Jibberjazz has produced over 50 music camping festivals, including the annual Some Kind of Jam and Meeting of the Minds - as well as Madsummer Meltdown and Boogie In The Bungalow and many other music-related events. These gatherings have featured national and regional, original acts ranging in funk, jam, bluegrass, psychedelic, jazz, blues, folk, reggae, rock roll, singer-songwriter, and many more musical styles too numerous to list. All Jibberjazz events are 100 self-produced, with no corporate ties or sponsorships, as we remain a fiercely independent grassroots organization.

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